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Friday, May 6, 2011

Wildflower Report

Well went down feeling good but the winds didn't cooperate.
Swim-Ok swim, the water was choppy on the way back but nothing spectacular here.
Bike-The winds were rough and saw many people getting blown off their bikes. For me it wasn't worth pushing and risk crashing w/ a family at home. So I took it fairly easy, gripping the bars upright.
Run- Not to motivated after the bike, so just kind of cruised it but ended up passing many people, especially in the end.

Good news is I had good legs all day and could have gone a lot further, I feel the e21 tabs are a big reason my legs never felt bad, even the day after.

Now for the build to IM CDA

1 comment:

mtanner said...

Smart racing! keep your eyes on the prize!