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Friday, April 1, 2011


The sun is coming and I will finally be off antibiotics on Sunday!!!! Maybe CDA will be great after all. Even with the sinus infection, I kept training but never really felt all that good but now I feel fantastic. Makes a big difference when you are not sick. My only hurdle now is getting my stomach in order after all the antibiotics. Next on the agenda is Wildflower. A couple of years ago I went 4:51 there and would like to repeat a sub 5 hour performance on a real tough course. The last 3 years I have had either an injury or been sick and unable to break 5. This year is revenge!!!!


Michelle Simmons said...

I hear you on training while sick. I had a bit of a virus this past week- just for like 2 days- amazing how different today was now that it is gone and I am 100% healthy. Even just a little sickness makes such a huge difference.

I am jealous- I should have signed up for Wildflower again this year. Haven't done that race since like 2000?

mtanner said...

This year is all about for revenge for so many. I LOVE IT!!