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Monday, March 21, 2011


It has been raining here all month which makes it difficult to ride the bike. I had 2 descent bricks where I rode 3x(bike 45 min/ run 20 min) but subsequently, I have somehow managed my 3rd sinus infection this year. Back on a different antibiotic now, this is it I swear, let's just pray for sunshine.
On a good note, I did receive my kit from recovery e21 and can't wait to show the tri community how this supplement can truly help. And my wife says she won't miss me now as I ride by.

1 comment:

Michelle Simmons said...

It's been raining here a lot too. UGH. I swear, 50% of my riding is done in the rain or on wet roads. If it rains in CdA I'll be completely prepared.

Glad you like the kits! You know, there will be 5 of us in CdA wearing them. We are going to be a FORCE! :) Get better soon, Mark.