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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Disneyland, Harder than an IM?

Sinus problems are gon and now I'm taking a week off, which is a super hard thing for me to do. We went to disneyland over the weekend w/ our 2 year old son. It was tougher on the feet than any IM I have completed. I was worried about my son because it was his first flight but he did fine it was me that "blew" it. On the decent I decided that if I had our son sip on some milk it would help w/ the pressure in his ears, well I go to open the "sippy cup" bottle that has a plastic straw and milk spurts out onto the ceiling, hits the stewardess, people behind us, myself and my wife. Oh well I guess I learned something about atmospheric pressure. Next week training will resume and I will post workouts on my build towards IM Canada.

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