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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Been a while

Didn't post in a while. I'm thinking about a name for the team that I coach and kind of like O2 Debt. I have a great group of people training for 1/2 to full Ironman this coming 2011.

This year I'm commited to trying to get back to Kona after discovering that I can cruise a 10:23 @ IM Canada this past August. I've already started to dial in my nutrition which I have never really attempted to do in earnest in the past.

My wife kind of called me out and said if you are going to do this "stuff" can we at least go back to Hawaii! pressure!

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1 comment:

amy said...

you had a blog all along?

i like O2 Debt also. although I am not sure during an IM I have ever been lacking oxygen!